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Crash into me... - Kurt's Life (or lack thereof) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kurt Onstad

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Crash into me... [Oct. 18th, 2000|08:21 pm]
Kurt Onstad
I'm just about gone...Both from work, and just physically gone from the world. I'm really tired right now...The bike ride home (hopefully the last one for a while) is going to be fun. But, thankfully, I can sleep as late as I want tomorrow. Nowhere to go until 7pm, and my roommate and I are going together, so she'll be driving. Yay!

It's hit that dead time of night again, where there's about five minutes after you finish one call before you get the next one. That's the best time to write like this, because you have uninterrupted time...Of course, if you're barely coherent, maybe it's not the best time to write...I don't know.

Okay, people. When you call in for tech support on your computer, a little bit of advice. At least know enough about computers to know what to do when I ask you to "right-click" on something!

Kurt Onstad
If he doesn't vent here, the customer is going to receive his anger...That wouldn't be good.