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A quandry... - Kurt's Life (or lack thereof) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kurt Onstad

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A quandry... [Oct. 22nd, 2000|03:17 am]
Kurt Onstad
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I've mentioned the group I'm a part of, and the games we play. Part of the game that I haven't mentioned yet is assassination. From Friday at dusk until Saturday/Sunday at midnight, if you cover the lower half of your face, you can go out and "assassinate" the other members of the Court. There are many humorous anecdotes that involve assassination hours. This is not one of them.

Last night, around one or two in the morning, two people broke in to a couple's house, and "assassinated" them. Yes, broke in. One of them picked the lock. The law has technically been broken. Now, the question that arises within the group is, what to do? Do we ban them from assassination, do we ban them from the group, do the "victims" press charges, or do we give them a light slap on the wrist, and say "Don't do it again, or we'll have to get serious."

I'm in the "slap on the wrist" school. In my feeling, the pair of assassins were playing a game, and they went too far. But remember, this is part of the same game that involves trying to hit each other with what essentially are padded sticks. If someone accidentally gets hurt, and feels like it, they could press charges of Assault and Battery. In Strip Melee, people (Okay, mostly me these days, but I wasn't the first or the only, by a long shot...) get completely nude and run around in a public place. That's Indecent Exposure. We've been breaking the law since the group was formed, I'm sure, and will continue to break the law as long as the group continues, I hope. Now, we have someone saying "Too far!" At this point, what do you do? I don't think the answer is to kick the offending members out. No, you step back, take a moment to breathe. Then, you reiterate the rules, redefine them if necessary, and then try to continue on.

My proposal is this. Stop assassinations for a month. Tell the members who broke in that they can't assassinate for a year. Then, we modify the rules for assassinations. As it stands, you can choose either to be part of the Assassination game, or not. If not, you can't assassinate or be assassinated. If you are, anything goes. Some of us would still like to play by those rules, I'm sure. Some would like things a little more cautious. Let's put it out there. When you become a companion, tell us where you're comfortable at with people trying to assassinate you? Is the time when you're asleep time out of the game, or are you still a potential victim? Do you want to be completely left alone when you're at home, or is it "anything goes?" If you know what everyone's comfort level is going in, you can avoid these sorts of heartaches in the future. And, for future incidents, let's set guidelines now for punishments. But, when a new law is created, you don't punish the people who had been breaking the law before. You punish those who break the law after it's set down. In this case, I don't think the law had been set down within our group, and thus, shouldn't be severely punished, if at all.

Kurt Onstad
Also sending this one to the group (removing the explanatory paragraph, of course...)