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I'm here to pump *clap* me up...

I've got my workout routine all set now. All of the exercises come from this page. The major advantage to this workout is that it's all isometric/isotonic exercise, which means that a) it's low impact and b) next to no exercise equipment is needed. So, here's the plan:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday:
Chest, shoulders, back, arms, forearms, abs, neck
Currently, this takes me about an hour. Once I get familiar enough with the exercises that I don't have to keep looking at the webpage, I'll probably get this down to somewhere between 35 and 45 minutes.

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday:
Legs exercises. These only take about 15 minutes. After that, I've added a walk around the block, to add some cardio into the routine, and also to help cool down and prevent the soreness that occurred after my first leg workout. (Ask technomonkey. He saw me limping last night from working out on Saturday. Although, only with one leg thankfully. If you want to know what limping with two legs looks like, you'll have to ask self) That currently takes me about 30 minutes, although once my legs get used to this workout and aren't as sore as they currently are, that'll probably be shaved down to 20 or 25 minutes.


So, 40 minutes a day, six days a week. Seems a reasonable time commitment to me, and as you can see from my mood, I can already tell that the exercises work. Obviously after only three days of exercise, I can't see the difference, but check back with me in three weeks, and we'll see...


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