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Sadist in my own mind

So, I just finished watching Star Trek II on DVD (thanks to steppyb for the loan), and I've also watched it on both broadcast TV and cable recently, and there's a scene missing from all three versions that I distinctly remember from older viewings.

(If you need spoilers for STII, you've had 22 years, man. But, here you go, just in case.)

So, in the climactic scene where the Enterprise is slowly heading off, but it doesn't appear they will make it in time before the Genesis Device explodes, Khan gives his final speech, and that's the last we see of him. The Enterprise's engines are fixed by Spock's mucking around in the core, and the Enterprise warps out of there, then the Reliant explodes.

Now, in the mental movie in my head, as the Enterprise warps off, we see Khan one final time, looking at the viewscreen, and seeing his hated enemy escaping, and we see the expression on Khan's face, as he realizes that he has been completely and utterly defeated. And yet, that scene is nowhere to be found anywhere. Does anyone else have this memory, or is it just me?

Anyone have any other "missing scenes" from movies that they recall, but later find out weren't ever there?

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