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A little back story... - Kurt's Life (or lack thereof) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kurt Onstad

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A little back story... [Oct. 4th, 2000|08:43 pm]
Kurt Onstad
[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[Current Music |Mollys Yes - "Girlfriend"]

So, I've gotten a lot of demand from my readers (No, I don't actually have any readers yet, but I like writing this as if I do.) to explain who the woman I keep mentioning is, and how things started with her. Well, who am I to disappoint?

I'm part of a group that likes to dress up in medieval clothes, act like other people, and occasionally take out foam weapons, and try to defeat each other in combat. The woman in question (whose name is Megan) is also a part of the group. Unfortunately, with my license suspended, I'm not able to get out there as often as I'd like to join this group. So, I haven't had as much of a chance to get to know the newer members of the group (of which Megan is one). But, I got some time off of work, and I joined about half of the group last weekend camping, and playing war games. A little bit before that, I needed to talk to Megan about something related to the character I play, and we got into a conversation online. In it, we realized we would be on opposite teams. I, being the incurable flirt I am, said, "Damn. I hate to kill attractive women." This started her now famous phrase (at least with me), "I'm so going to get you!" My response was something along the lines of "Yeah. Sure. Whatever." Thus, the playful banter began...

The next Thursday, after Court (that's our weekly meeting, which I found a ride out to), I went to our usual 1am restaurant, as did Megan. That was when I noticed exactly how beautiful she is. Now, I had met her before, and I knew she was attractive, but something about her that night sent my jaw dropping. I mean, at one point, I had literally been struck speechless. Those of you who know me realize how hard that is...Also, when I had first met her, she wasn't available, so no matter how gorgeous I found her, I wasn't going to do anything about it (Been there. Fucked up friendships over it...Never again. Really. I mean it this time.) But, now, she was single and I had sort of just become recently single (and yet, simultaneously, had been single for years. Long story that I'm sure I'll share at another time...). Which meant...well, actually nothing, I assumed. When it comes down to it, I have a real hard time as seeing myself as attractive, and thought she was way out of my league. But, I could dream...

So, that brings us to Friday night. When I arrived at the campsite, along with the friends I hitched a ride with (who are currently a couple), I found that almost all of the group there was absolutely blitzed...The couple I came up with decided to hang out together at the other campsite (War games, thus two camps). The only other sober people were Maire, and Megan. Maire was asleep (or so we all thought...), leaving only Megan as the fellow non-imbiber. I don't drink very often, and usually when I do, I just get depressed and lonely, which wasn't what I wanted that night, so I decided to stay sober and help out those who had gone too far...

Towards the end of the night, Fred started in hitting on Megan, in his own unique way. Fred is, of course, married, but that doesn't seem to stop him. He was telling Megan that she hadn't moved on from her most recent boyfriend, and needed to do so, and also needed to loosen up. He was hoping she would get drunk along with the rest of the group. I was sitting there, listening and occasionally adding comments while he did this. She shyly blushed at his lecherous compliments, but insisted that she had moved on. I've forgotten exactly how it happened, but somehow I kissed her on the cheek (with just the corners of our lips touching), as some sort of demonstration...

When everyone was ready to go to bed, Megan and I helped one of the guys who had gone way too far, drink-wise, get back to his tent at the other camp. Fred walked along, as well, since that's where his tent was (as was mine). We got them safely to bed, and I volunteered to walk Megan back to her camp. As we walked back to camp, I put my arm around her, and asked her how bad Fred had been. She said it wasn't too bad. Working up my courage, I told her that when I had kissed her during that, I had the desire to take the kiss farther than I had. I don't really remember what she said to that, if anything (Hey, it was really late at night, by this point, give me a break.). Then, when we hugged to say goodbye, we kissed. I didn't kiss her, she didn't kiss me (as I later found out). It just happened. I didn't have much time to react before it was over. She breathlessly said, "I really should go to sleep." Much as I knew I wasn't going to sleep anytime soon now, and wanted to explore this, I agreed and walked off into the night (quite literally. I didn't turn on my flashlight, and walked back by starlight. I have excellent night vision).

Now, the aftermath...I think I'll make a second entry for that. I've gone on for far too long...

Kurt Onstad
To be continued...