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Slow day... - Kurt's Life (or lack thereof) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kurt Onstad

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Slow day... [Oct. 29th, 2000|05:24 pm]
Kurt Onstad
These are the days that I wish we had Word installed on the computers here. I could have written about half of the show that's due tomorrow while sitting here waiting for a call...Oh well. Another couple of days of staying up late, and getting up early...This isn't killing me slowly or anything...

Kurt Onstad
Already tired...

[User Picture]From: self
2000-10-29 09:11 pm (UTC)

This is a windows machine?

You should have an application called "Wordpad" in the accessories group. Not a lot of features, but it'll let you get some work done.

Failing that, "Notepad" will definitely be there.
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