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Continuing... - Kurt's Life (or lack thereof) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kurt Onstad

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Continuing... [Oct. 4th, 2000|11:27 pm]
Kurt Onstad
[Current Mood |melancholymelancholy]
[Current Music |Freddie Mercury - "Guide Me Home / How Can I Go On?"]

If you haven't read the entry yet titled, "A little back story," you may want to. This one isn't going to make much sense without it...

So, when last we left me and Megan, we had kissed (she's a good kisser. I am when I know it's coming. I really do want to kiss her again soon, at the very least to show her what I can do when I'm prepared...) and I had walked back to camp.

Well, that night, I was awoken by my tentmate. Turns out some high-schoolers had come up to the campsite and were hanging out next to their cars playing their music loudly, generally acting obnoxious. Of course, on little sleep, he and I both assumed the worst (gang-bangers who were getting drunk and mess with our cars and possibly come into our camp and mess with us). So, I immediately go into adrenaline mode, prepared to have to fight these guys if necessary, but knowing (again, really late, not really thinking straight) that they probably have guns and just kill us. Rich (my tentmate) and I wake up the guys who are sober enough to wake up. That's all of one other guy, and one girl. So, three of the four of us (Rich was still back at our camp, trying to wake people up. No luck...) talk to the three guys who had just started walking down towards our camp. Like I said earlier, they turned out to be fairly regular high-schoolers who were just up there fucking around. We told them to keep it down so we could sleep, and they pretty much complied.

I went back and explained to Rich what was going on. He was still a little on the paranoid side, (as was I a little still. Coming down from an adrenaline rush takes a little time.) and so decided to stay up until they actually left. I stayed up a little bit with him, and while doing so, I told him about the kiss. I really shouldn't have, but I really wanted to tell somebody, and I didn't have this journal thing yet to look forward to, so, I opened my big mouth. Now, the next morning, Rich told Jen (the girl he's dating), and so she asked me about it later that day...IN FRONT OF MOST OF MY TEAM! Fortunately, someone else showed up at just that moment, and I was able to avoid the subject for the rest of the day...

Megan and I didn't have a lot of interaction out of character the rest of the weekend, being on opposite sides of the war games and all. She didn't end up "getting me," as she said she was going to, but she still says she's going to...I look forward to it... :)

Sunday, after Megan drove Maire and I back to the college that most of the group are / were students at and took a shower (Not together! Get your minds out of the gutter!), Megan and I got some time to talk. It took me a little bit of time to get up the courage to broach the subject of the kiss with her. Because of how rare it is that I actually date, I'm very shy about talking about this kind of stuff. This is when she explained that it wasn't expected on her part, either. I asked her if this was a one time thing, or if she might be interested in seeing if there was more there. Her exact responses were "I don't know." and "Yeah, maybe!" Not the best responses I could have hoped for, but not the worst, either. And the way she delivered the responses, I'm choosing to interpret it on the more positive side. And, the fact that she and I have talked for hours online every night since is another good sign...

I've explained to Megan about my big mouth, and she's not mad, but we're both trying to keep things quiet for now, while we get to know each other and figure things out. Of course, I'm not disguising my name, and I didn't do that good a job of disguising these people, so as soon as one person who knows me shows up here, cat's out of the bag...Oh well. I'm not a secretive kind of person. My life's always been an open book...Go ahead. Ask me anything. I'll tell you the truth.

Kurt Onstad