Kurt Onstad (speedball) wrote,
Kurt Onstad

Interesting conversation last night...

I didn't have time to update from home last night, because I hadn't typed word one on the show that was due 8 hours later, and really needed to do some work on that...As it is, I only got about 4 hours sleep last night...I'm stupid.
And quite tired...

But, the conversation was definitely worth it. I was in one of my random depressed moods last night, and Megan knew just what to say to put a smile on my face. I won't go into details on that, but I quite enjoyed it...

Later in the night, we talked about what we think about while we're at work to keep ourselves from going insane. She mentioned that she thinks about "her dates." I jokingly asked "Who are your other dates?" She mentioned that she had gone to the movies once or twice with Josh, then asked about me. I told her truthfully, I don't really have time to date more than one person, even if there was someone else who was interested...And also, I've never dated more than one person at a time. Just not the way I'm built. But, as I explained, if the person I'm dating is seeing other people, that's okay, if we're still in the stage where we haven't committed to an exclusive relationship. I just don't do that myself. At that point, she explained that going to the movies with Josh hadn't really been dates. Again, I reiterated that even if they had been dates, that would be okay, because we hadn't made any promises to each other yet. Then I told her if she wanted to discuss taking things to that next level, I'm always willing to talk about it.

I think I handled that well. Didn't come across as too desperate, or at all jealous (trust me, there's nothing to be jealous of with Josh...), but broached the subject of possibly committing to a more serious relationship. Of course, being Megan, she decided at that moment that it was time to sleep...(it being 1:30am and all, and her having to be up at 7:30 or so) I guess we'll see next time we get together if we do decide to commit more seriously to each other. Maybe at that point, we'll be able to quit keeping things quiet...These would both be good things, I'm thinking.

Kurt Onstad
Probably rambling more than usual. Still tired...

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