Kurt Onstad (speedball) wrote,
Kurt Onstad

In case you missed it...

I know not everyone reads the comments that branch off of various entries, although you're missing out if you don't, so I thought I'd mention that I have told Megan about Riki. We talked via phone the other night. I explained to her that I was going to exercise the option to date other people, since she still wasn't interested in a committed relationship. She asked "Do you mind if I ask who?" I told her. Her entire reaction was "Neat!"

Now, still need to tell Riki. That's making me nervous right now. I mean, I've just asked her out on a date, it's not like I asked her to be my girlfriend or anything like that (God, I feel like I'm in high school, but much more popular than I actually was back then...) so she shouldn't be mad that I'm dating someone else right now. But with the comment in the email, and little things Erik has said, I'm thinking she might be as quick to get emotionally attached as I am. Which, if she finds out I'm dating someone else before I can talk to her, would be very hurtful to someone like that. I don't want to hurt anyone...So, I'd like to explain things as quickly as possible.

Kurt Onstad
"Threepio! Threepio! Oh, where can he BE?"
Jessie is actually Megan. Lucy is actually Riki. Just another year and a half of this, then we're into the journal entries where I no longer use aliases...

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