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Kurt's Life (or lack thereof) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kurt Onstad

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Another weekend gone...Pt. 1 [Dec. 3rd, 2000|04:00 pm]
Kurt Onstad
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Well, had a lot of fun this weekend, took care of the things I needed to take care of (both of those went about as well as you could ask for), and impressed my friends who didn't know of my vocal talents...Now, for details on those...

Starting on Thursday night...Riki and I had arranged to talk that night, after Court and before melee. We sat down and I explained about Megan, and how I was currently dating her as well as Riki, but that I had reached a point in my life where I was looking for a more serious relationship than what Megan wanted, and that I saw the potential there much more with her (Riki). Riki agreed that she was looking for the same thing. I told her that I wasn't asking her to "go steady" yet, as we'd only been out on one date, but that I was breaking things off with Megan, because I wanted to pursue an exclusive relationship with her.

Riki was happy to hear that (she had been a little nervous when I told her "I need to talk to you about something on Thursday." Oops...), and was right with me on that. She also wanted to discuss some other things, like how far we had gone physically on our first date. She wished we hadn't gone as far as we did, and had spent more time talking, instead of making out. We both agree that we enjoyed what we did do and neither of us is ashamed of what we did, but next time we go out, we agreed to spend more time getting to know each other's minds, and less time on our bodies...

That pretty much covers Thursday, other than my character getting bitched out by another character (my character's not exactly the moral center of the group right now...), but that would take far too long to explain, and that's not what this journal is for. I've thought about creating another site, specifically for my character's journal...Maybe. We'll see...

Kurt Onstad
Wonders if putting these taglines in third person is a sign of his schizophrenia.