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Another weekend gone...Pt. 3 - Kurt's Life (or lack thereof) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kurt Onstad

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Another weekend gone...Pt. 3 [Dec. 3rd, 2000|05:57 pm]
Kurt Onstad
Saturday was the big day of Infidel's Feaste, which is why I asked for the day off in the first place. Joel showed up at Erik's around 6pm or so, and the three of us played Star Wars Racer, and Turok 2. Joel kicked both of our asses, for the most part, but then he owned the games, so it's understandable.

We went off to Infidel's Feaste. In case I haven't explained it, that's the one night that we're allowed to bring non-members in to see what the group is about. We don't do any of the fighting, but we are in character (sort of...Trying to explain things to Joel I found I had to break character a lot, and also my character and Riki's character really don't have any reason to hold hands or anything like that).

During the Feaste, some of us provided various forms of entertainment. I sang a song which right now has special meaning for my character. ("Anthem" from the Chess soundtrack, in case you're curious. Yes, it's Out of Period...Don't care.) From the reactions I got, I did very well. There's two things about myself that I'm very sure of. I'm intelligent, and I have a great singing voice. But, it's still nice to get that reaffirmed every now and then.

Riki and I sat next to each other during dinner (Joel was on my other side), and I was glad she was there for me after I finished my song. I was literally shaking with stage fright during and afterwards (although Erik tells me it wasn't obvious), and she gave me a very nice hug which helped calm me down and bring me back.

Just a little bit more, but I want it in a seperate entry, because I want to put it in my "Memories" by itself...

Kurt Onstad
Warm and fuzzy...