Kurt Onstad (speedball) wrote,
Kurt Onstad

Finishing the weekend...

Infidel's Feaste ended pretty early (at least for our group. That means before midnight...), so a few of us headed over to Reed and Melissa's house. Riki was one of those. She gave me a ride over there, and she told me about spending yesterday dancing with the ex, and how she would have much rather have been with me, because of how morose he was. So, this, combined with the fact that I've never met him (people I don't know are slightly less real to me...) and the people that have told me how much Riki likes me, I'm not getting even a twinge of jealousy...

Of course, things like this also help:
Riki and I walked back to her car when she decided she had to go (which was pretty quickly after she got there. She was really tired...). I gave her a hug, leaned down and kissed her. She looked up at me and said, "Oh, I could get used to this really easily."

I'm smiling right now, just thinking about it...I told her how much I agreed with her. I wonder if she has any idea how much little comments like that affect me. (Well, why don't you tell her?) Oh, yeah...Well, I have for certain ones. Her "Yesterday would have sucked...except that all I had to do was think about you and I'd feel all warm and fuzzy." comment, I told her "you have no idea how much that last little bit made me feel all warm and fuzzy." And today, when I finally checked my email after three days, I found a message from her on Friday just telling me she was thinking of me, and I should consider myself "warm-fuzzied." My response was "I wondered what that feeling was. No wonder I've been smiling so much..."

Kurt Onstad
Warm-fuzzied...(So, I'm repeating myself. It's worth repeating...)

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