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Another weekend come and gone. Got to spend some time with Riki,… - Kurt's Life (or lack thereof) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kurt Onstad

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[Dec. 10th, 2000|04:11 pm]
Kurt Onstad
Another weekend come and gone. Got to spend some time with Riki, which was great. We've now both given each other (or told each other about) our Christmas presents to each other, and they both involved music. Ah, she knows me so well...Of course, her Christmas present to me also involved meeting her parents, but that's okay...

Riki and I saw each other on Thursday, since we're part of that group I've mentioned. And we also had plans to get together on Friday. She told me she wanted to take me someplace, but had to check with her brother first. She got the OK from her brother, and took me to the college's Madrigal Feaste, which is a dinner event where the college choir sings songs and performs.

We got to the event, and Riki says, "I should call my parents." Right as she says this, her phone rings. "Hello? (pause) Yeah, we just got in line. (pause) Oh, okay. We'll meet you up where you are, then." And we walk up, and there are her parents. No warning...But, I think I handled myself well. As I've said earlier, despite my appearance, other people's parents seem to like me once they talk to me for a little bit. Riki's dad is a very funny guy, and her mom seems like a nice woman as well.

We walked around and talked afterwards, then she drove me back to Erik's, where we "talked" a little...I really enjoy both kinds of talking with her. She's very intelligent, and highly educated, so we can discuss pretty much anything, and she's a really good kisser as well. We haven't taken it much beyond that. We did a little on our first date, but we agreed after that to slow things down on that end.

Saturday, I called in sick to work again and stayed out where I was (Shhh...). We had a movie night over at Erik's place, and Riki came over, in addition to the other people who were invited. Unfortunately, she only was able to stay for one movie (The Blues Brothers), but it was nice to see her for a little bit more. Every time, it gets harder and harder for me to say goodbye to her. I'm really falling hard and fast...

We're seeing each other again Tuesday once I get off of work (9:30pm). Not sure what we'll do, exactly. I want to do more than just hang out at home, although she did wrangle out of me a promise of a massage (oh yeah, that was tough...), so we will be spending some time at my house...I really need to clean up my room, and at least get it to the point where I'm not ashamed to have her look in it...

Kurt Onstad
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