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Changing subjects drastically... - Kurt's Life (or lack thereof) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kurt Onstad

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Changing subjects drastically... [Dec. 25th, 2000|02:31 pm]
Kurt Onstad
Well, I'm considering telling Riki about this journal. (Well, actually, she knows I keep a journal. I just don't think she's caught on yet to the fact that it's online, although I've given a couple of subtle clues...) I'd explain it to her first before showing it to her...And, I'd probably remove my memories, not that I've accessed them at all anyways...In fact, those are going away now...Gone.

So, is there any reason why I shouldn't tell her about it now that any of you can think of? I feel like a relationship should be based on honesty, and leaving this from her is dishonest. But, I'd like to hear other's thoughts on the subject. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Kurt Onstad
His life is an open webpage...
Lucy actually posts for the first time here. Lucy is actually Riki. And Abner is referred to as well, which is actually Erik.

From: (Anonymous)
2001-03-04 11:14 pm (UTC)

Re: Hmmm

Hi. It's Lucy. I think Self has some good points. If you want this to be the place where you can write about your feelings without worrying how it's going to affect anyone...do you really want me to read it?

So far, there has been nothing that offended me. But every relationship has its problems now and then, and if you need to vent, you probably won't do it here because you know I read it. And that defeats the purpose of the journal.

I like being able to look through this window on your feelings. I also feel honored that you're willing to share your thoughts with me. But if you asked me not to read your journal, I'd stop.

That reminds me...I've got to see if I have anything in my journal that you might enjoy reading, especially from the weeks just before and just after we got together.
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