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Hey there. - Kurt's Life (or lack thereof) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kurt Onstad

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Hey there. [Mar. 4th, 2001|02:19 pm]
Kurt Onstad
Yes, I'm still around. Just been doing a lot of pre-planning work on the new comic I'm going to own. Please stop by once I take over, and let me know what you think.

Other than that, not a lot is going on with me lately. Drove out to see Self's one act, which was easily the best of the three, which is saying a lot for me, since one of the others is by a playwright that I really love, David Ives. But, the acting was very flat in that play, was melodramatic in the second play, but in Self's play, it was just right. (Yes, I'm the Goldilocks of theatre reviewers) There were some obvious mistakes (made more obvious by the fact that Self was sitting next to me, telling me about them and writing them down), but overall, it was still the best acted and directed. Of course, it's too late for you to go see this one, but if you see that he's directing another one, be sure to check it out.

Kurt Onstad

[User Picture]From: self
2001-03-04 10:28 pm (UTC)


It's funny. A week ago, I figured I'd never direct again after this. Now I'm in the preliminary stages of setting up something a thousand times more complex. It's like I never learn...

That's for later, though.

** sigh **

Why is the project way out on the horizon always so much more interesting than the one I'm supposed to focus on right now? (That's just ironic when you think about how nearsighted I am) I don't even care about my script anymore. It's just practice for the big one at this point.

...but practice I'll need.

** sigh again **

I hate discipline...

My thoughts are actually more organized than this, and my questions here are largely rhetorical, since I've more or less found answers already. But I'm too tired to properly formulate my own journal entry on the subject, so you read it here first. =)
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