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Still not much news - Kurt's Life (or lack thereof) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kurt Onstad

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Still not much news [Mar. 19th, 2001|02:50 pm]
Kurt Onstad
Taking over the comic in just a couple of weeks. Probably going to San Diego on a pro badge because of it. Sending in the forms once I take over...Due dates not until May, so I'm still okay. (Hey, Self, should we be thinking about a Hotel room?) Other than that, not much to tell you. Things are still going well in life with Riki.

My schedule changed slightly at work, but much more slightly than any of my co-workers. I'm still working the same day. My shift was just moved forward by half an hour on each side. So, instead of 1-9:30pm, I work 1:30-10pm. No big deal, especially since I have a license. Considering some co-workers suddenly found themselves with the 6pm-2:30am shift, I'm not complaining.

Kurt Onstad
Still hasn't said who he works for...

When you read Lucy below, replace it in your head with Riki.

[User Picture]From: self
2001-03-21 02:35 am (UTC)

San Diego

Realistically, I'm out this year. As of this moment, I can't afford to go. Should I find gainful employment between now and then, I likely won't be able to take the time off.
C'mon.. If life were really going well with Lucy, would you still be contemplating a hotel room with Self?
Phil's trying to find a replacement webmaster, by the way. Which probably means no pro badge for the selfmeister. It also means no sponsored hotel room, although I don't know how likely that was anyway. Doesn't really matter. Even with free board and admission, I still couldn't afford to go. Need food. (I could skip a few meals, filling up on grapes and M&M's in the hospitality suite. But even that has limits...)
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[User Picture]From: speedball
2001-03-21 02:39 pm (UTC)

Re: San Diego

Self said:
C'mon.. If life were really going well with Lucy, would you still be contemplating a hotel room with Self?
(Yes, he did actually say this, although he hid it pretty well. I completely lucked into seeing this. Now, I need to go back and see if there any other hidden comments...)

My response:
Yes. Lucy has little to no interest in comic books, and would be utterly bored having to spend four days in San Diego, as I go from panel to panel, and introduce myself to fellow web cartoonists. This is part of my "anti-couple-unit" feelings. If one half of a couple doesn't like doing something, then they shouldn't have to do it, just because the other one does. And that also shouldn't prevent the person who does enjoy that activity from experiencing it. We dealt with this just last year, so you should know how I feel about that...

Kurt Onstad
Loves his girlfriend, but wouldn't want to go to a Teacher's Convention with her...
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[User Picture]From: self
2001-03-21 09:48 pm (UTC)

Teacher's Convention? I'd go!

Two thoughts:

1) San Diego is a beautiful city, with much to see and do outside of the convention.
    Ignoring money for the moment, it might make a nice tradition to take seperate vacations there, meeting up for meals occasionally and sharing hotel accomodations. She could attend some of the big events or movie screenings, and you could take some time away from the convention to keep things in perspective.
2) SDCC has less to do with comics every year.
    When the schedule is posted, I bet we could plan a full itinerary for all four days without a single comic related panel.
I spent some time people-watching at Phil's booth last year. Phil harrasses passerbys, asking questions like "Are you into comics?" You'd be surprised how many stopped to talk, admitting that they don't like comic books, but were there for reasons ranging from "the Star Wars presentation" to "I just wanted to see all the freaks." The question of "Have you found anything you like here?" brought answers ranging from "No" to "I got some cool toys."

Not sure where I was going with that paragraph, but it underscores a point of some sort.

Losing coherence fast.

Anyway, that's not what I meant. It's just that I had a vision of you turning to me and saying "Y'know, you weren't my first choice to sleep with in this hotel room", and wanted to do everything in my power to avoid contemplating that image.
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[User Picture]From: speedball
2001-04-07 05:24 pm (UTC)


Lucy has been to the San Diego Comic-Con before (with a past boyfriend), so is aware of what it entails, and has no interest in that. I brought up the separate vacations thing, and that's a possibility, although she didn't sound incredibly excited about it to me...

And you should always know, without me having to say anything about it, that you're not my first choice to share a room with...But, it's awkward enough without me pointing this fact out.

Kurt Onstad
Hoping to find someone to share the room with. Already made reservations, and it's going to be expensive without someone helping him...
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[User Picture]From: self
2001-04-08 10:42 am (UTC)

Okay, that's it. I'm going back to sleep.

"what it entails?"

joke #1: I am so crossing the line here.
When will girls learn... If it's not printed in the schedule, they're just taking advantage of you.
Still looking for hidden stuff?
joke #2: (to diffuse the first one)
See, that's the problem right there. She went with the wrong boyfriend last time!
Hell, I wouldn't want to go back, either. What if I ran into him?
Not sure what to tell you. One way or the other, I don't think I can afford to go this year.
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