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My last "date" - Kurt's Life (or lack thereof) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kurt Onstad

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My last "date" [Oct. 7th, 2000|11:46 pm]
Kurt Onstad
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Continuing my sob stories of bad experiences with women, I just have to share my most recent date with all (three) of you...I'm not sure at this point why I'm spending so much time on these negative points from my past, but somehow I feel like they're needed for context, and I've learned long ago to trust my instincts, so here we go...

So, Megan (a completely different one. I did mention there were three...) had a friend. Let's call her Michal (since that's her name). I had met Michal a few times before, and found her attractive, in kind of a girl next door sort of way. So, being me, I started flirting with her. And she flirted back...Seeing this as a positive sign, and slowly growing more attracted to her, I eventually asked her if she'd like to go out on a date with me. She said "Yes." Smiles abounded...

Now, all I had to do was to plan this date. I don't like to do anything typical, so I thought (with some definite help from my roommates), "Hey, let's have a picnic. That's an interesting first date, gives us plenty of time to talk, and gives us an opportunity to cuddle, if the mood strikes." So, I pack up some makings for some nice sandwiches, grapes, strawberries, whipped cream, and some Sparkling Cider (I think that's everything, but can't quite remember).

I have everything all packed. I'm ready to go. I have a great park picked out...Until, I look outside. "Hey, what's that wet stuff falling from the sky? Shit!" Of course, it's raining. So, I start making desperate phone calls, figuring out what to do...My friend Carla comes to the rescue. She has a single dorm, and is willing to exit it for a few hours, while I have the picnic on the floor. I think, "Okay. It's a picnic, but it's not outside. That's even more me than the original idea...This will work." I arrive at Michal's dorm, hand her a small bouquet of flowers, and we walk, hand in hand, over to Carla's dorm, which has now been set up with a picnic blanket and basket on the floor.

So, we sit down, and start having a very pleasant meal. We've had some grapes, are eating the sandwiches, and then Michal decides now would be the perfect time to tell me, "Um, Kurt. You know, I think we should just be friends." My basic reaction is "Why?" I couldn't see anything I had done along the way that would make someone who had said yes to trying a date with me say, "Nope. Definitely not dating material. I must tell him now, before he pulls the strawberries out." She doesn't really have any explanation, but stuck to her guns. There wasn't much else I could say, except, "I'm hurt, but, man, you have to try these strawberries..." (They were _really_ good.) So, we awkwardly finished the meal, and I walked her back to her dorm.

This one just left me confused. I always knew that I'm the kind of person that you usually say no to. I'm willing to accept that I'm a little weird, I'm a stick figure, and my beard and long hair aren't going to bring the ladies flocking. But, I'm a good date, dammit! I described this date to other women, and they all melted...Anyone have any ideas where things went wrong? Although I'm never dating Michal again (she's since turned out to be something of a bitch, and that's not just me talking...), I'd still like to learn so I can take the mistakes I make and not apply them to future dates...

Kurt Onstad
Still waiting for one date to go as planned...It'll be nice to see Hell freeze over.