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Dr. Lobster - Kurt's Life (or lack thereof) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kurt Onstad

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Dr. Lobster [May. 9th, 2001|07:47 pm]
Kurt Onstad
I enjoy writing the comic and putting it together. And when I started, audience reaction was fairly positive. Now, however, people seem to have quickly turned on me. I know I shouldn't be doing this for anyone else but myself, but it's hard to read negative comment after negative comment and stay inspired to continue writing.

Considering how much I've spent on this project, I really do want to continue, and as I said before, the actual act of writing and putting it together is a fun one. So, what should I do? Completely ignore the forums, where all these insults are occurring? What keeps you inspired, when others tell you that you suck?

Doesn't want to suck...

The guy who signed the page as Id eventually got his own LiveJournal and became technomonkey, aka Joel. Lucy, who agreed with Id, is actually Riki agreeing with Joel...Understand? Yay.

From: (Anonymous)
2001-05-09 09:48 pm (UTC)

The Good Doctor - Comment part 1

My message is too long, so I'm separating it into two parts. Sorry about that. I'm a little long-winded.

So far as I can tell, most of the negativity started when you put aside the point of the comic, which is to say to be funny, and advertize your cause of getting a ComiCon roommate. Can't say I disagree there - I liked what you were doing with it until that point, and then all of a sudden it was pointless to read for a week or so. That's disorienting. But as someone in the forums pointed out (don't remember who, and don't feel like checking right now), the original Dr. Lobster was only funny a small portion of the time too - you've had several hits in a short timespan, as far as I'm concerned (LOVED "On The Third Day", enjoyed "Maybe Next Time", and "Play That Funky Music, White Boy" was cool if for no other reason than the title itself. Just to state a few examples.). Proportionately, I enjoy the new comic better than the old one.

I say, listen to what the fans are _really_ saying, not the words that come out of their mouths (or fingers, in this case). They're saying "You suck!", but what they mean is "this isn't what I signed up for. Go back to being funny, dammit!"

(To be continued)

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From: (Anonymous)
2001-05-09 09:49 pm (UTC)

The Good Doctor - Comment part 2

Here's an important question - I haven't paid any attention to the past forums; that is, the ones before you signed on. Were the fans any less abusive to the original writers? Something tells me they weren't. And if that's the case, then they're just showing their affection in the same way they always have - in that second grade, pulling-the-cute-girl's-pigtails way. Take it as a compliment.

Don't get discouraged. In high school marching band, they used to tell us that we were performing for two hypothetical people, and the rest of the crowd didn't matter. Those two people were the guys sitting just below the judge's box - the blind man, who didn't care what we looked like, just how we sounded; and the deaf man, who didn't care how we sounded, just how we looked.

Find a fan who likes what you're doing, and make the comic for him. But don't worry that the fan isn't being vocal - have you ever seen a customer of a retail establishment at the Customer Service counter specifically because they want to compliment the store's service? It happens, but so rarely that it almost doesn't matter. Most of the time, they're talking just to bitch. The satisfied people keep their mouths shut.

Speaking of which, I'm shutting up now. Hope that helps...

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From: (Anonymous)
2001-05-10 05:51 pm (UTC)
I think you're great!
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From: (Anonymous)
2001-05-13 11:38 pm (UTC)

I agree with Id

When people tell me I suck (or more accurately, that something I did sucked), I may be unhappy, but I try to remember two things. First, you can't make everyone happy, and like Id said, the satisfied customers hardly ever speak up. Second, I remember that the people I respect are those who are true to themselves.
So you're not going to hit the nail on the head all the time. Just do your best.

Would donate money if she had any...and yes, this is Lucy.
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[User Picture]From: speedball
2001-05-14 12:41 am (UTC)

Thank you, all of you.

That means that the "I think you're great" comment wasn't from Lucy...Hmm.

Thank you, Id, Lucy and Anonymous person for helping me through my crisis of faith. Also, thank you Self, for helping me take the comic to the next level, which shall be happening starting this Wednesday.

Kurt Onstad
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[User Picture]From: seonsaint
2001-05-15 04:27 pm (UTC)


Okay, now that you've taken it over, how do I read it?
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[User Picture]From: speedball
2001-05-15 04:39 pm (UTC)

Re: Okay,

You haven't noticed my many links to the comic or Dr. Lobster? The address is www.drlobster.com or you can check out the Livejournal version at http://drlobster.livejournal.com

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[User Picture]From: moe4eyed
2001-05-16 09:03 am (UTC)
Well, I, for one, think that the comic is awesome. Keep up the good work.
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From: (Anonymous)
2001-07-09 02:27 pm (UTC)

You don't suck.

I've been reading Dr. Lobster (and the forums) for a while now, and I'm not convinced yet that you suck. It's true that you're not Jeff or Mike, but for one thing, you tried a plot, which took courage, and a lot of the original strips weren't all that great either. I laughed quite a bit at a number of your comics. As for the Forum guys, the only one that has me persuaded of even the tiniest bit of intelligence is IQpierce (Darius? Echoknight? Please.) and he's the only one who hasn't degenerated into mindless you-bashing. And one last thing--if I ever get involved in the forums, which I may soon (at the risk of becoming Eurotrash) one of the first things I'll say is that even if Dr Lobster is Dr Lobster, with all apologies to Jeff and Mike, it's a hell of a lot better than Gamerhotties. So keep on going, Kurt.

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[User Picture]From: echoknight
2001-07-10 01:41 pm (UTC)

kurt, you're not that bad...

You know, the forums really killed my opion of you. When i was reading through all of the archives a month or so again when i started reading the comic, i didn't know that it was you, and i laughed at some of them (i'm not sure at the proportion, b/c at the time i wasn't reading the newsposts so i didn't realize when it was /kurt instead of /mike or /jefff.

I think the problem is that you're not mike or jeff, and people don't like you because of that, not because you are (in their minds) a terrible comic-writer. I think you are ok at worst, although what i say in the forums may be contrary. You know, i only do that because if i was to support you, i would get killed even further than i am already.

Everyone hates me and i don't give a damn. They are people that actually waste the time in reading the (self-admitted) bullcrap that i post, so they are no better than i am. And also, i would never, ever want to meet any of these people, and i'm never actually going to, so there is no reason for me to be afraid or hurt by any of their insults or threats (in JLPs case). It doesn't matter what they think, as long as they visit, and read your comic. You can deal with an unnatractive fan-base later, just concentrate on comics. The last one was pretty good (better than the Sincho and chart one).

Keep doing what your doing, kurt, and ignore the forums: they are bullshit and you know it, if you don't read it, people are going to realize that you don't care what they think, and stop insulting you.

And anyway, i'm happy the old values will be restored when drL2 starts having some comics. When those comics come out, you can do whatever the hell you want, and i'll be a happy readerd


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From: (Anonymous)
2001-07-13 09:45 am (UTC)

Don't let it get to you!

Look, of course the comic isn't the same as when Jeff and Mike were making it, but the bottom line is, it's still pretty damn good, just different. And as was mentionned by Anonymous, Dr. Lobster, despite having deviated from its "roots" (and I use the term loosely), is much better than Gamerhotties (no disrespect to Mike and Jeff, that's just my opinion), and that right there should tell you something.

I for one love Dr. Lobster as it is now and the work you're doing is outstanding, not to mention refreshingly different, without being *too* different. Did that make sense? :)


Oh yeah, visit this site (http://www.nexusofstupidity.com), you'll love it. Okay, so it's my site, so what?
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