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Other things I've been doing for fun - Kurt's Life (or lack thereof) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kurt Onstad

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Other things I've been doing for fun [Aug. 18th, 2001|07:13 pm]
Kurt Onstad
Went to go see Matthew Sweet in Concert at the House of Blues last week. This was originally going to be a date with Riki, when we were still going out, but instead, it was two friends (Kurt and Riki), going to a concert together.

But, right now, I'm still really awkward around Riki. It always happens for the first couple of months after breaking up with someone, while you redraw boundaries. That frustrated Riki, obviously. Once the concert got started, things were better, though. A very pleasant surprise was that the band Phantom Planet was the first ones onstage. Their drummer is actually the best known member, since he starred in the movie Rushmore. But, the band's really good, although they were heavier rock live than they are on their album.

The second band was an English band called Minibar. According to the couple behind us (we got there early and were right next to the stage), they were having a bad night, but for first time listeners, they sounded pretty good.

Finally, Matthew hit the stage. He was as great as I remembered him being, and hit almost all of the songs on his "Best of" CD, including the two new ones, plus a couple of less-rarely performed tunes. "Into Your Drug," from his Blue Sky on Mars album, has never sounded better. All in all, a great performance, only marred by one thing: Obnoxious, smelly, drunk guy.

OSDG came out about every third song, and forced his way to the front of the audience, making hugely dramatic gestures, bumping into people, and generally being obnoxious, smelly, and drunk (thus, the name). About half the time I was able to keep him either behind or to my side of Riki and I, through subtle and not-so-subtle bumps and such.

But, that was the only major flaw, in an otherwise great night. (Well, once the music started, anyways...)