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In case you thought the "Absent-Minded Professor" stuff was an act... - Kurt's Life (or lack thereof) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kurt Onstad

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In case you thought the "Absent-Minded Professor" stuff was an act... [Jan. 18th, 2002|10:30 pm]
Kurt Onstad
Went to AOKP last night, as I do pretty much every Thursday. This is at a college, in a regular classroom building. I went into the bathroom there to change into my clothes for this group, put my jacket on top of a paper towel dispenser, to prevent it from getting dirty, changed out of my work clothes, and into my "Lorath" outfit (That's the character I play in AOKP). I then pick up my bag with my work clothes in it, and walk out. My friend Joel drove both of us down, so it wasn't until we were back at his house, 35 minutes away, at 3am, that I realized I didn't have my jacket with me anymore. I realized this because my jacket had my keys, which I needed to start my car and get into my house...

So, I spent the night at Joel's house, and as soon as I woke up the next morning (around 8am), asked someone who lives on campus to go check to see if the jacket was there. Of course not. So, I've replaced my car key today. ($100, $60 of which was paid by AAA. If you don't have AAA and you drive, get it. I've never had it not pay for itself...) My roommates let me in tonight, and tomorrow I go get a copy of my house-keys made from the spare set...Whee.

If you see someone in Whittier wearing a black leather jacket with brown lining, please hit them, just in case...