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Diving into the deep end of the dating pool. Ker-sploosh! - Kurt's Life (or lack thereof) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kurt Onstad

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Diving into the deep end of the dating pool. Ker-sploosh! [Feb. 12th, 2002|12:50 pm]
Kurt Onstad
One of our local radio stations, Star 98.7, is putting on a Valentine's Day (actually, the day after, since VD lands on a Friday...) singles party. Since I was already at their website, taking advantage of their Freeloaders program, on a whim, I decided to put in an entry. Now, knowing that the ratio of guys to girls who want to go would be heavily weighted towards the guys, I assumed that I had no chance of getting in, especially with the entry I gave them (see post-cut). Imagine my surprise when I checked my voice mail last night after getting home, and hearing congratulations from Rebecca of Star 98.7 on getting in.

This should be interesting, to say the least...

If you're curious,
Men, Take a moment to answer these questions about yourself and send to
us! Name, Age, Weight, Height, Shoe Size, Eye Color, Day Phone,
Evening Phone, Cell Phone, Email, Occupation, Hobbies, Boxers or
Briefs?, Cats or Dogs?, Beer or Champagne?, Fun First Date?, Perfect
Mate?, Finally, do you have a buddy that's registered for Meet Market,
if so, what's the name?

I'm David "Kurt" Onstad and I'm a 27 year old who weighs 115 pounds and
is 5'8" (Yes, I'm serious...). I've got a 9 1/2 shoe size, and I've
got Hazel eyes (actually, their brown on the inside, green on the
outside, with odd little flakes of yellow. So, my color changes quite
a bit depending on how bright it is out...)

My day and evening phone are the same, since I can't get calls at work.
That number is 818-***-****. My cel phone is 818-***-****, but I use
it mostly for outgoing calls, so it's not on all the time. The best
way to contact me is through email at masked.marvel@gte.net

I work in online tech support for a national ISP (no, not AOL...), but
I prefer not to be defined by my job. I do enjoy working with
computers as one of my hobbies, but then I also love reading, going to
movies, listening to music, and playing with my friends (and yes, I do
mean play.)

In answer to your preference questions: Boxers, cats (although I'm
mildly allergic, I still prefer them...), and definitely Champagne.

For me a fun first date is one where you can talk to the other person
while you're spending time with them, so no movies. It's more fun to
go miniature golfing, or shopping at a bookstore, or something where
you can get to know each other better, than after that, a nice dinner.

My perfect mate is a little unusual, and feels free to admit it.
Someone who hates to conform, but is open minded enough to judge
everyone and everything on its own, and not automatically hate
something because it's popular. In looks, I prefer redheads or women
who dye their hair to some color not seen in nature, but as my good
friend once said about me, I'm "an appreciater of women in all their
forms." In other words, looks aren't my first priority.

And finally, no, I don't know of anyone else that signed up, or if I
do, they haven't told me...

[User Picture]From: coffeebean
2002-02-12 01:53 pm (UTC)
Nooo way!
You're going to the Star Meet Market?! REALLY?!
Wow... you'll *have* to tell me what that was like :)
(and if Jamie actually does have that big of an ass he he)
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[User Picture]From: speedball
2002-02-12 02:07 pm (UTC)

Not to worry...

If anything interesting happens at the event, I'll report it here. My life is an open book...And this is the page.

Still amazed they looked at that entry, and said "Yeah, he'd be good..."
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[User Picture]From: coffeebean
2002-02-12 07:32 pm (UTC)

Re: Not to worry...

Yeah they chose you out of so many guys I bet huh?
That has to be awesome :)
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[User Picture]From: speedball
2002-02-12 07:34 pm (UTC)


I don't know if that's quite the word for it...

Odd is what I actually feel on the subject. I actually wrote that up thinking, "Man, will they not choose me based on this." But, I was being honest, and I guess that came through, or something...

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[User Picture]From: coffeebean
2002-02-12 07:36 pm (UTC)

Re: Awesome?

But the Meet Market should be awesome?
Well I dunno... maybe if they let you bring a friend he he
I'd be all nervous for some reason?
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[User Picture]From: speedball
2002-02-12 11:47 pm (UTC)

We'll see...

It should be fun. I'll definitely do my best to make it so. Meeting the DJs isn't as huge a thrill for me as it sounds like it would be for you, because I got used to meeting celebrities as part of my previous job.

They specifically said in the phone message this is a "winners only" event, and I can't bring anyone. Otherwise, I'd have invited Jim to come along with me (and boy, would his "um" have been pleased...)

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[User Picture]From: coffeebean
2002-02-13 10:02 am (UTC)

Re: We'll see...

Well good luck to ya, Kurt ;)
(and tell us what happens!)
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