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Kurt Onstad

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Alicia Witt and Tara Reid. Where did it go wrong? [Apr. 25th, 2002|12:43 pm]
Kurt Onstad
Yes, today's entry is about Urban Legends. I enjoy reading about Urban Legends, also known as "Friend of a Friend" tales, because you never actually hear from anyone who had it happen to them, it always happened to a friend of theirs. But, most of these stories are not actually true, and that can be shown with a little research. I enjoy a good Urban Legend, but please don't tell people it's true, when you can easily find out it's not.

Case in point: I happened across this post in my wanderings. Note that she starts the comment by saying it's a transcript of an ACTUAL conversation (her emphasis). Having recently seen this story, I recognized it as a well-known Urban Legend, and pointed out where you could read more about it (The Urban Legend Reference page is a fun and useful site for this), and that while it's a funny story, it shouldn't be spread around as a true story, since it's not. I think I did this politely, and in a non-accusatory manner. Immediately, I get posts back saying "Lighten up." and "It's just a joke. Most people got that, why can't you?"

If it's a joke, then don't tell people it's an actual event that happened. Tell them it's a joke.

Maybe it's because I'm a tech support person, and have to constantly deal with Urban Legends dealing with viruses being sent around, but it just seems to me that it's not that hard to verify the truth of a story before you send it out to your friends and such. Why not take that time to do so, and avoid being another person spreading untrue stories?


From: (Anonymous)
2002-04-29 11:42 pm (UTC)


dude, it sounds like you are dealing with High School-ers. I understand your point. I think it was stated well. And sheesh, what egoistic posessiveness on the 'It's my journal, I write whatever I want' attitude of the girl. She wrote it, yes, she can write what she wants.. but people will respond if they are effected by what you've written. and it sucks, 'cause I wanted to write something to the person who said that they wanted to kill themselves... but it's blocked off anonymous responses.. so only if you have a live journal can you respond. bummer. I was gonna tell them that if they have issues enough to kill themselves, there is no point in blaming it on someone else... but anyway.. it was funny.. I just couldn't write back. oh well. nearf.
*hugs* HI!!! (no, I'm not!)
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