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Joel and I occasionally share a brain...

The other night, Joel and I were playing Encore over at Erik, HeatherLynn and Cynthia's house. Let's see, the group playing at the time was Cynthia and Jen (Joel's um) on one side, and Joel and I on the other.

If you're not familiar with Encore, let me explain the basic rules. One team reads a word. They have 30 seconds to start singing at least 8 words of a song that contains the word (in some rare cases, it is a category, like "size" or "numbers" instead of a word). If they succeed, the other team has to come up with a different song containing the same word, and it goes back and forth until one team is stumped.

So, it's Joel's and my turn, and I read the word..."Change." The timer starts, and about five seconds in, without looking at each other, or saying anything else up until this point, we both say at the exact same time, and with the exact same tone of voice, "No, that's chain..." (We both had gone to "Chain of Fools" in our head.) We laugh so hard, and for so long that we lose that round. But, we both agreed it was worth it for the moment...


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