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...and never the twain shall meet

A little insight into the twisted mind that is Kurt. I wake up this morning, and think, "Okay. I have to eat breakfast, take a shower, pack up my garb for AOKP tonight and take off." Then, immediately after, I think, "I should email Joel when I get to work and ask him if he's joining me at the Monopoly game tonight, since there is no AOKP tonight."

It took me over half an hour of going back and forth between those two thoughts (and various others while I got ready for work...) before I realized, "Hey! If there's no AOKP tonight, I don't need to pack my garb..."

I find it truly amazing sometimes the leaps of logic that I can take when it comes to external things, but simple things like my schedule need constant reminders and brute force to lock into my brain...


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