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Carry On. Okay, now carry me off...

I went to the wedding of two of my friends, John and Michelle, yesterday. It was quite a lot of fun, even though going to weddings alone always reminds me of the fact that I don't have anyone in my life at the moment...

Anyways, this being a major event involving AOKP people, certain traditions had to be followed. This includes playing Tusk by Fleetwood Mac (preferably at 10:35), and also Carry On by Manowar. There's a dance that goes along with each of these songs. Tusk is basically a big romp in a circle by the whole group. Carry On, on the other hand, is a headbanging song...And I joined in, as I do every time (my long hair is very conducive to doing so). Unfortunately, I had forgotten that 1) I'm getting older and 2) I'm currently carrying a lot of stress in my neck and shoulders. I woke up this morning, and I've basically got 15 degrees of movement in each direction before I experience pain. I'm very much looking forward to my massage tomorrow (it was supposed to be last week, but I was sick...)

Other than messing my body up in a new and different way, the wedding was great. Some of the moments that specifically come to mind...
  • Posing for the "Last Supper" shot at the long table (with yours truly as Jesus.)
  • My two slow dances with Cindy.
  • Tom being surrounded by bubbles as he dismissed the guardians of Fire.
  • Dave. (No specific moment there. Dave just makes every event more enjoyable...)
  • Seeing Farqhuar, Toni and Riley again.


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