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Kurt Onstad

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This is why I love Mark Waid [Jun. 16th, 2002|11:25 am]
Kurt Onstad
Although I don't often comment on comic book stuff here, this just really caught my attention. I was reading this interview with Mark Waid, who's taking over as the new writer of Fantastic Four, when he said this:

"One thing we do want to recapture is that while the FF are loved ... from afar ... it's still very disconcerting to find yourself standing next to a guy who's on fire. Or watch a guy stretch his head across the street with a sound like a hand skipping across a very full balloon." (Emphasis added is mine, not his.)

Much like the interviewer, I had never thought about that sound before, but it makes a lot of sense, and adds that extra layer of weirdness onto characters I had thought myself very familiar with. I'm looking forward to reading this issue now. And if you have a dime to spare, you should go check out his first issue as well. It's literally nine cents for a completely self-contained book.

The book's not coming out until August or September. Hopefully, I'll remind you again nearer to the date of release...