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The post you've all been waiting for... - Kurt's Life (or lack thereof) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kurt Onstad

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The post you've all been waiting for... [Oct. 15th, 2000|02:01 am]
Kurt Onstad
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And in this case, that's not an exaggeration. I've gotten two people asking me about when I was going to post this. And I know of only two people who read this, so that's high demand, baby!

Megan and I had agreed to meet at the Pool of Daggers (that's not the real name of the location, but that's what it's referred to in court) at 2:30. At about 2:00, I arrive on campus. Not wanting to look like I'm desperate and anxious (which, you know, I am...but, I don't want to look it.), I decided to go get a drink at the little cafeteria. Once my watch says 2:30, I walk over to the Pool. My watch is fast, because it's set to work time, so I arrive at almost exactly 2:30 by real time, if not a minute or two early. Megan is sitting there, reading a book. I come up, and do my patented head lean (Where I come in, and just barely touch my forehead to hers.) We say "Hello." and head off. We talk about class and such on the way to the car, and talk about music on the way to the movies. I had been stuck in the car with Erik's current girlfriend before this, and she had been listening to country music, so I was very grateful to hear real music. Of course, I wasn't going to say anything to Erik or Katalin (the girlfriend, in alias form) because I was very grateful for them driving me to the bank and dropping me off at the college...

Anyways, we arrive at the movie theatre, and I buy the tickets. We still have about 45 minutes before the movie starts, so we decide to walk around. Megan mentions a used bookstore being near, which we decided to glance through. We mostly stuck to the science-fiction / fantasy section, where I happened to find a copy of "Last Son of Krypton," by Eliot S. Maggin. Well, I had to buy that...It's a fairly hard book to get ahold of, and it was only two bucks...

We head back to the theatre, and we sit down. I put my arm around her (no yawning pretense, nothing like that...), and she scoots over towards me and leans in a little (really wish we had had the stadium seating with the raisable armrests...Oh well.). During the movie, we make little whispering comments back and forth to each other. Not too bad, I don't think, because I hate when people do that to me. I kept my arm around her for about half of the movie, but had to remove it when my shoulder started screaming in pain...My right shoulder and neck is still sore...(There's got to be a way to do that without getting sore. Any suggestions?) I held her hand for the rest of the movie, and towards the end, which got really sad (I won't spoil it by telling you why), I put my arm back around her. We both left the movie at least partially in tears (I don't actually cry, for the most part, thanks to my father, but my eyes well up.), with our arms around each other. We both really enjoyed the movie, and had obviously enjoyed each other's company during it.

Now, it was time to move on to dinner. I had asked around, and found a nice little chain called Mimi's Cafe. A step above Coco's or Marie Callendar's in terms of food and service. Speaking of service, our waitress was, ironically, named Megan, which elicited the comment from my date, "Too...many...Megan's!") During dinner, we mostly talked about Court stuff. I let her in on some of my characters secrets, and we gossiped about various people in Court, and what we thought of them...Then, I paid for dinner, and we headed off. At this point, Megan reminded me that she had to pick up her sister's boyfriend and drive him somewhere. She still had about half an hour or so, though, before she had to leave for that. I suggested we go somewhere to hang out and talk, like a park. So, we drove up to a park near campus, and slowly walked around the park. It was cold outside by this point, so she got out her jacket. I said, "Well, I'm going to have to cuddle with you, since I don't have a jacket. Yeah, that's the reason..." We laughed about that. As we walked around the park, we talked about various subjects...And, finally, I got the courage to lean down (I've got about four or five inches on her, I think...), and kiss her. After about thirty seconds or so, we break the kiss, and keep walking, closer than before. It was soon after that that I asked her if she'd like to do this again sometime. She said, "Definitely, yes." About that time, we got to her car again. She reminded me again that she had to go pick up Dan (That's not his real name, but I no longer remember it, and he's not that important to the story...), even though she really didn't want to.

At this point, I did what was probably my most desperate move of the night, although I think I hid it well enough. I told her the truth, which was "Erik's not getting off work until midnight, so I really don't have to be anywhere specific until then. If you want company while you go drive Dan, I'm willing." She thought about it, and said, "He could be either at home or at a friend's house. Let me find out where he is, and then I'll tell you." Turns out he was at a friend's house, so I was safe to bring along (she's not ready to deal with parents meeting me yet, which is understandable and fine by me). So, off we went to pick up Dan.

Okay, that's about a good breaking point. Let me post this, and continue on in a second post...

Kurt Onstad
Really glad he has this journal to help stimulate his memory later...

[User Picture]From: self
2000-10-15 01:15 pm (UTC)

Minor Correction

You knew of at least three people reading as of the time of that entry, since I wasn't among the two who wrote you.

(Hell, it might be as high as four people, since you probably go in and read these yourself. But then, you should have known going in that the date story wasn't posted yet)
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[User Picture]From: speedball
2000-10-15 07:15 pm (UTC)


I hadn't forgotten about you, although for some reason, I'm not sure why, but I didn't think you were that interested in the site, and wouldn't stop by anymore...Guess I was wrong, for which I'm glad.

Kurt Onstad
Finally has a friend to add...
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