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Why would you do this to yourself on purpose? - Kurt's Life (or lack thereof) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kurt Onstad

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Why would you do this to yourself on purpose? [Jun. 19th, 2002|10:36 pm]
Kurt Onstad
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My parents are weird. For instance, mom thinks she's not at all vain about appearances, and yet she's been through more plastic surgeries than anyone else I know. She's had a nose job, an eye tuck, and now, her latest was a chemical peel of some sort. She went through quite a bit of pain and discomfort during this procedure, as I'm about to show you...Included are also before and after pics. Let me know if you see a difference that I'm missing...

This is mom before.
Here's mom before.
First pic after peel
This is the first picture of mom right after getting this done.
Almost all healed up.
This is a few weeks later, when she's almost all healed up.

Here's one picture of mom all healed up.

And here she is at Disneyland, even later.

So, I can't see the difference, except her face is pinker. Can you? Would you ever do this to yourself?

And the most frightening part of this? Mom's thinking about getting a face lift next...