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Well, here's a good excuse to tell this story... - Kurt's Life (or lack thereof) [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kurt Onstad

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Well, here's a good excuse to tell this story... [Jun. 24th, 2002|04:52 pm]
Kurt Onstad
[Current Mood |nostalgicnostalgic]

I love telling people this story, because the opening sentence of it sounds so bizarre. And since the other major player in the story just emailed me after about 7 years of not talking to her, it's fresh in my mind.

I had a blind date for Prom.

Okay. That's not completely true, but it's very close. Here's how it worked. I didn't go to my Prom in high school. There wasn't anyone interested in going with me, among other things...But, my senior year, a friend of mine's older brother was in college (so was my friend, but that's not as important to the story...). Specifically, he was going to CSUN, where I also ended up going. A fellow film major friend of his had a sister, Jennie, who was in need of a prom date. She somehow saw a picture of my friend, and her heart went pitter-pat (this is how I've been told this part of the story, at least...). So, the elder siblings attempted to arrange for Jennie and my aforementioned friend to go to prom together. He didn't have any great desire to go, and from what I remember, was most likely going to say "No." Then, Jennie's friend, Siggy (Pronounced Ziggy, short for Sigrid.) broke up with her boyfriend, and now she also needed a date for Prom. Here's where I stepped in. My friend's brother approached me, and told me of the situation, and I of course, volunteered to take Siggy, and helped convince my friend to take Jennie. Thus, it was all arranged. The four of us did actually get together one day and hung out at the Northridge Fashion Center before prom. But, that was only for a few hours, and by then it was pretty much set that we were going...

My friend and I talked about this a few times while it was going on, and afterwards. The conclusion we reached is that he and I probably should have switched dates. From our perspective, the way it seemed was that Jennie was looking for a relationship, and Siggy wasn't. I definitely was interested in a relationship, and my friend just wasn't (at the very least, not with Jennie.) I attempted to pursue a relationship with Siggy after prom, but as you can probably figure out, it just didn't work. We went on a couple of dates, and I almost got my ass kicked by her father (brought her back home after curfew on our first post-prom date), but she wasn't interested in a boyfriend at the time, or if she was, she wasn't interested in me as a boyfriend. Jennie and her date quickly fell out of touch after prom was over. But, it's an interesting story that has been added to my repertoire of odd things that happened in my life. And, now, Siggy just emailed me. Turns out she's married now. Jennie will also be married starting next month. Weird. Yet another sign of getting older...