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Continuing the date...

So, when last we left our intrepid hero (that's me...), he had just volunteered to accompany the lovely heroine (Megan) to pick up her sister's boyfriend and drop him off at where the sister was currently located. Megan had agreed, and the pair drove off, away from the sunset (the sun was setting, but we were headed East...) We talked about family pressure and how much or how little we actually tell our parents on the way to picking up Dan, and we also concluded that it would be better all around if she and I were "friends" and weren't on a date while Dan was around. Again, I understand the avoiding of facts from the parental units, so I'm cool with that (for now...).

Dan was a pretty cool guy. From what Megan had told me about him, I was expecting someone much more obnoxious and sarcastic, but then, he had just woken up from a short nap after having taken a 7 hour trip from Vegas on a bus, so he probably wasn't at his most coherent at that point...

We got Dan to his location, and then drove back to where I was crashing for the night, Erik's place. Along the way back, we talked a lot about role-playing, something we both enjoy doing, but neither of us has as much time to do anymore, besides in court. We both told horror stories and tales of favorite characters. I had quite a few more horror stories to tell (I had a wicked DM when I first got into the game...), but I let her dominate the conversation. Partially because I was starting to have the beginnings of an anxiety attack (which I suffer from on occasion, and being on the freeway at night is the worst place for them...), but I didn't want to tell her that, because there's really nothing that can be done about it, and the more people focus on it, the worse it usually gets. So, I listened a lot, adding occasional comments. When we reached Erik's house, I had gotten back to normal again, thankfully. We were in a minivan, so I turned my body towards her once we were parked. She said something to the effect of "I could go on and on about different characters, so you should just shut me up." I leaned in, cradled her head and neck in my hand, and kissed her. When we came back up for air, she said, "Well, that was a good way to do it." (I did mention I was a good kisser when I'm prepared for it...) We spent the next hour talking, and kissing. It was pretty equally mixed, which I have to say is something of a switch for me. Usually, once I hit the "making out" part of a date, that's pretty much all we do. I think this is a definite sign of improvement on my part that I no longer seperate girls into "ones I talk to" and "ones I make out with." Hey, what do you know? I'm growing as a person!

By around 9:20, I was almost to the point of sitting on the same seat as Megan (minivan, seperate seats for driver and passenger, and I wasn't going to be forward enough to suggest moving this to the back seat yet...). It was around this time that Megan's mom called, to find out where she was. Megan told her, "I'm getting on the freeway now. I just dropped Dan off." Which gave her and I about another half an hour before she had to go. We mostly used that time to make out, which was mostly kissing, and hands rubbing up and down backs (a little into slightly more risque areas, but nothing that would get us out of unairable on prime-time TV...). But, eventually, Megan decided she couldn't put off leaving any longer. And then five or ten minutes later, she actually did leave...Oops.

Having talked to her since then, I know she didn't get into trouble or anything, so that's good. And we're still really comfortable talking together. I've gotten together with some women before this where talking with them the next day was just really awkward. I like this so much better...This bodes well, I think.

Not much more to tell. Unfortunately, I'm going to be gone from court for a month while I take my A+ Certification training course, but I think Megan's going to be coming out here on at least one or two Friday's for math tutoring (among other things, but the math will have to come first...), and of course, there's always online chats to tide us over until whenever our next date is.

And that's pretty much it. Obviously, if I'm this open about what happened on my first date, I'll continue to keep you updated here with probably more information than you ever wanted to know...All I ask in return is that occasionally you let me know what you like and don't like. What you want to know more about, and what you want me to shut up about. Come on, I may be doing this mostly for me, but if I didn't want an audience, I'd write this in a private diary...

Kurt Onstad
Yes, Eclipse, he's talking to you...

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