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Time for bed soon...

Just finished another conversation with the young lady that I may be starting a relationship with one of these days soon...It'd be much easier if I actually was able to drive right now. *Sigh* Anyone know how to get a hold of about $1000 quickly and legally? Didn't think so. Of course, I'm not mentioning this journal to any of my friends right now, so it's not like anyone's reading this, unless they happen to run across it by random...This is almost like leaving your diary out and open in the mall. Chances are, anyone who picks it up doesn't actually know you, but there's always that tiny probabilty...

Anyways, back to the conversation. I think I see signs that things are moving forward already. Saying goodnight and goodbye takes about twice to three times as long as it originally did. I really love this stage of a relationship. It's not as much fun as the next step up, when you're actually dating, but the gentle feeling each other out and the process of getting to know one another is something that can't quite be described. I already know more about her (and I actually recall most of it!) than I do about quite a few of my friends. Especially the recall bit. It's embarrassing sometimes how quickly I lose information just told to me when it deals with other people. But, with her, I'm truly interested and concerned, and thus retain what she tells me.

Still moving slowly. Haven't said anything about love, or going steady, or even an actual date. I invited her out here for tutoring help, which she might do, and I brought up the possibility of a group of us getting together...A friend of mine suggested that one...You know, the whole "group theory." You know, go out with a group, then little by little, whittle down the group, until one day, you and she are dating... :)

Well, anyways, I'm exhausted, and my body's finally decided that it agrees with me. Time to sleep.

Kurt Onstad
Would find it very ironic if the young woman in question wanders across this by accident...And yet, fitting with his life.

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