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Mix CD - A work in progress

You'll see from this list that I haven't actually taken any direct recommendations, although in most cases, they have inspired a thought that made me include something along those lines (usually a step or two away in logic...), so even though you don't see your suggestions, please know that your input is appreciated and still desired.

  1. The Sound Of... (Duck)-Radio Free Vestibule (Quick humorous opener)
  2. Blister In The Sun-Violent Femmes (Song from Gross Pointe Blank soundtrack, featured heavily in the movie)
  3. No Such Thing-John Mayer ("I just can't wait for my ten year reunion...")
  4. There She Goes-The La's (Sixpence sang this song, but this is the original version...)
  5. God Only Knows -Skycycle (cover of a Beach Boys song, and a good indicator of the kind of music I like)
  6. suite from the abyss-Alan Silvestri (gorgeous choral things going on here...)
  7. What Would Brian Boitano Do?-South Park (We both quote from the show frequently)
  8. Airdance-Giraffe (One of the most beautiful songs ever)
  9. Somebody-Depeche Mode (Sums up what I'm looking for in a woman very nicely...)
  10. If You Were Here-Thompson Twins (End of Sixteen Candles, when Molly Ringwald and her man are celebrating her birthday)
  11. Let Me be the One-Matthew Sweet (I have to include Matthew Sweet, and this is the song that is getting the most play in iTunes right now)
  12. Laurence Olivier For Diet Coke-Radio Free Vestibule (Very funny sketch. I'd like this to be near dead center, like a commercial break, but this is where it fits right now)
  13. Too High For The Supermarket-Uninvited (Hilarious song)
  14. Dark Secret-Matthew Sweet (More Matthew Sweet. This is from the Craft soundtrack)
  15. Imperial March-Metallica (Quick 30 second bit of guitar rock version of a well known Star Wars theme)
  16. Generals And Majors-XTC (Generals and Majors? Air Force? Get it? And XTC is a great band)
  17. Lithium (Nirvana cover)-Matthew Sweet (Final Matthew Sweet. Fun to listen to, because he's performing at a radio station or something, and messes up, and readjusts things, then starts over, chatting that entire time)
  18. Yeah!-Queen (Four second snippet of Freddy Mercury singing "Yeah." I like it being the very end, and also I like it being right after Lithium, since so much of the lyrics for that are really long "Yeah"s.)

Currently, this is running 55 minutes, 21 seconds. I have 80 minute CDs, so I've still got plenty of room, if anyone wants to make additional suggestions...

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