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Happy Random Demarcation of Time Passing!

I hope everyone's been enjoying month four of 10 A.K. (After Kurt. That's when I changed my name for all intents and purposes.) Or, the beginning of 2003 A.D., however you prefer to think of it...

I went to Tom and Cindy's house for New Years Eve. Had a lot of fun with the two of them, Josh and Megan, John and Michelle, and Anne. We played games and just hung out and talked until about 3am. We watched the ball drop right at midnight, but that really wasn't the focus of the evening, like it seems to be with many other New Years parties. I was just fine with that...

Today, Josh and I hung out with Tom and Cindy for most of the day, chatting and playing games. I finally got to hear Cindy's views on my relationship with Amy, since she made a very interesting comment at a party over at Seth's house last week regarding it. Her basic thoughts (which she says Seth and others have echoed) is that Amy comes across as a very dominating person, and she is afraid that I will get lost in the relationship and become "Amy's husband." Ironically, she also mentioned the feeling that Amy took me for granted, which seems somewhat contradictory to me. Obviously, I don't agree with her thoughts on this, but I respect her (and Tom's) opinion a lot when it comes to relationships, because she and Tom in my eyes, have a successful relationship, and I appreciate her sharing her feelings, and giving me things to think about (although, most of what the conversation prompted me to think about I had already thought about...).


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